One year, a whole lot of positive impact

Simply by choosing BioPak packaging our customers have helped fight climate change, give back to our communities, and protect and preserve the natural environment.

44,208 tonnes of carbon offset

BioPak packaging is carbon neutral. In 2019, we’ve offset 44,208 tonnes of carbon – that’s equal to removing 12,245 new cars from the road.

20,679 trees planted

Since 2012, we’ve planted 20,679 trees while restoring and protecting 18 hectares of rainforest.

940 tonnes of organics diverted from landfill

By diverting packaging and food scraps from landfill, Compost Club members have created 65,800 10kg bags of compost for farmers.

We couldn’t have done it without our customers. Want to celebrate your positive impact and share the good news with your customers? Download our positive impact assets perfect for dropping into your social media and email.

Share Your Impact

Choosing BioPak really does
make a difference

We’ve asked three of our beneficiaries to share the positive impact they’ve achieved thanks to BioPak, and you.


“It is so important to us that at an OzHarvest event we use the very best sustainable products, so we are using BioPak plates, cups, bowls and cutlery – all of which will be composted at the end of our event.”
OzHarvest CEO Ronnie Khan


“Working in partnership with BioPak and the Great Barrier Reef Legacy was important to help conserve amazing places like the Daintree Rainforest for future generations.”
Kristin Canning, Rainforest Rescue


"Climate Active businesses are proving themselves as Australia’s climate leaders to their clients, customers and shareholders"
Climate Active

Make 2020 the year you make a difference

Simply by choosing BioPak packaging in 2020 you too could help fight climate change, protect our natural environment, and give back to the community. Please see here for our Privacy Policy.